He called marriage a remedy for the women and angered the audience


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A leading Pakistani Comedy show Aftab Iqbal (Aftab Iqbal) stated that mental disorders women may be associated with her loneliness. According to local newspaper Dawn, this comment has caused indignation of the audience, what they wrote in social networks.

In episode Khabarzar of 13 April on channel Aap News discussed the situation of 31-year-old woman who was experiencing health problems. “For 31 years and not married. Then they complain that it makes sounds, and in it dwell the Jinn. This is a pure case of hysteria. You poor women, and you are obsessed with career. That’s what happens when you go against nature,” said Iqbal.

On this the brother of the woman said that she was too busy with attendance at international seminars to find the time to think about marriage. The presenter responded: “Instead she’s been attending these seminars for a day or two, give her in marriage”.

The publication is considered such comments is incorrect, as Iqbal found the marriage means from a serious mental illness and demonized single women and women making a career.

Many users from Pakistan also reacted negatively to his statements. One of the commentators ironically stressed that now “mental illness will be treated the marriage”.

“It’s 2019, Aap News, enough to engage in such stupidity,” wrote Imran Khan. Another user, SGul, joked: “Aftab Iqbal married, but then what is the cause of his tantrums?”.

Author Iqbal — head of channel Aap News. He leads a humorous show which discusses various topics. The new program, Khabarzar, began to take on its channel in November 2018. In his Twitter, he has not commented on what was said.

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