In the Russian dubbing of “Hellboy” Stalin turned to Hitler


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The company Megogo Distribution rentals “Hellboy” in Russia, was replaced in the film by the name of Joseph Stalin on Adolf Hitler. It is reported by the website “IMDb” on Tuesday, April 16.

In one scene the main character remembers how you left the Baba Yaga without an eye after she tried to resurrect from the dead Soviet leader. From the Russian dubbing removed Stalin, mentioning instead, the Fuhrer of the Third Reich. In the copy of the picture in the original language of Stalin’s “topical”, leaving the subtitles only leader of Nazi Germany.

The website asked for a comment in Megogo Distribution, however, did not explain why it was decided to replace the names. Previously, the rental company changed the country of origin of the villain from the Comedy of Patrick Hughes’s “the Bodyguard killer”. The original version said that the character Gary Oldman originally from Belarus, but in the dub he was a native of Bosnia.

“Hellboy” was released in Russian cinemas on April 11. In January, the film entered the list of the most anticipated fighters for the 2019 version of the Collider.

On 16 March it became known that the level of approval by the Russians activities of Joseph Stalin broke the historical record for all the years of research on this topic and reached 77 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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