Indian politician defined the beliefs of the opponent color underwear


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Indian politician, head of the opposition party”, Samajwadi” Azam Khan has tied the political ideology of the opponent with the color of underwear. About it reports The Independent.

Khan, speaking at the rally, made a statement about his opponent from the ruling “Indian people’s party” (“Bharatiya Janata”), actress Jaya Prada. “It took you 17 years to see the true face of man. I’m 17 days learned that her underwear khaki”, — said the politician. This color is basic for the organization of “swayamsevak Rashtriya Sangh”, which is considered the founder of the party “Bharathi”.

The police filed a criminal case against the politician in Uttar Pradesh. Election Commission of India will check whether there was a violation of the rules and code of conduct during the elections.

Representatives of the national Commission for women called these words “absolutely disgraceful”. They added that comments by the opposition leader were “offensive, unethical, and show disrespect for the dignity of women”. In addition, some members of Parliament allied “Samajwadi” party also criticized the statement.

Sama Jaya Prada demanded not to allow Khan to the election. She added that this is not the first time Azam Khan releases comments in her direction (previously they were in the same party). “If this man wins, in society there is no place for women,” expressed concerns Prada. In response, the Khan called his statement a joke.

April 11 in 20 States and Union territories of India has begun the first phase of voting in the elections to the lower house of Parliament. Voting will take place in seven stages. The main struggle will be between the ruling “Indian people’s party” led by current Prime Minister Narendra modi, and the party “Indian national Congress” (INC), headed by Rahul Gandhi comes from a political clan of Nehru-Gandhi.

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