Parents adopted seven separated brothers and sisters


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In the US a couple took custody of seven siblings who lived in different foster families over a year. According to CNN, last week ended with the adoption process.

In the house Gary and Lisa Fullbright (Gary and Lisa Fullbright) are now living ten children: one is their own 17-year-old son, two couple had adopted three years ago, and another seven are brothers and sisters who lived in different families. Also the couple have seven grown children who have already left and are living independently.

The couple took custody of the three children and learned that their relatives live in other families. Fullbrite decided to unite all brothers and sisters under one roof, and about a year decided legal difficulties associated with adoption.

Before moving to the house Fulbrayta children to grow up left to themselves: the mother could leave them alone for a few days, and about biological father they know only that he lives in Mexico. Along with Lisa and Gary’s kids for the first time I went to the zoo, watched a movie on the big screen and went skating.

A couple of Fullbrite for the past ten years and takes children from the orphanage. Lisa says that it is not difficult to take care of a big family, because the house was always full of children, and she knows how to be able to give each time.

In January it was reported about the inhabitant of the USA, adopted a girl abandoned by mother in the hospital. On arrival home she found that her two adopted children and one biological mother.

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