Poroshenko and Zelensky agreed to debate


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The leader of presidential race in Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky and acting head of state Petro Poroshenko agreed on the debate. This was announced by the representative of the headquarters of the President Oleg Medvedev, transfers “Ukrainian truth”.

According to him, between the candidates and the administration of the stadium “Olympic” was signed a tripartite agreement on the lease of the sports complex on April 19.

Representatives Zelensky and Poroshenko continue the discussion of the rules of the event. “One side is willing to show us on a meaningful discussion,” — said Medvedev.

Zelensky called Poroshenko to discuss the stadium before a full house on April 3. The incumbent head of state at first agreed, and passed the tests for drugs and alcohol, as suggested by his opponent, but then repeatedly tried to change terms of the agreement.

So, Poroshenko has appointed his rival meeting on the “Olympic” on April 14. The event took place, despite the fact that Zelensky refused to this debate, and continued to insist on the date 19 April, and his center sent a request for booking of the stadium for a specified number.

Then Poroshenko at a press conference called Zelensky on the debate in the program “Svoboda words” on ICTV channel 15 or 16 April. The broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine” in YouTube. In response, the leader of the presidential race has recorded a case, where again set as the date for debate on 19 April, and accused the incumbent head of state in the conversion of a showman and throwing public Affairs.

16 APR headquarters Poroshenko again tried to push the other terms and Zelensky suggested that a debate be held on April 19 at the stadium first, and then in the Studio of state TV channel “Public”. Earlier, the President has said that in any case are in a television Studio.

The first round of presidential elections in Ukraine took place on 31 March. The final results of the first round of the elections were published by the CEC of Ukraine on 7 April. By results of processing of electronic and paper protocols Zelensky received 30,24 percent of the vote, Poroshenko — by 15.95 percent. The second round will be held on April 21.

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