Posner debunked the myth of the mysterious Russian soul


www.vsyako.netVladimir Phosphate: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Vladimir Pozner has explained why he thinks that the existence of the Russian soul is a myth. He wrote about this in his blog, answering a question of one of users of the site.

Posner admitted that does not find in the Russian people special mysterious of the soul, and the exploitation of this theme, he believes a political game designed to justify a special way of the nation. “This is a very handy thing to justify different things — “To us claims are not present because we don’t like you””, — said the journalist.

According to Posner, not only Russians tend to believe in the exceptionalism of its people. “In this respect we are similar to Americans who also say they are special and they have a special mission, and, of course, on the Jews, Israel — “God’s chosen people”,” wrote the presenter.

The journalist agreed that every nation is unique in its own way, but called it a “national character.” Regardless of the spirit of the residents of different countries, says Posner, can be understood and described.

Previously, Posner said that the inhabitants of Russia there is no national idea that could unite them, but called a method that, in his opinion, is able to unite Russian people.

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