Russia is obliged to pay Ukraine for a property in the Crimea


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Permanent court of arbitration in the Hague ruled against Russia to 44.4 million dollars compensation in favour of the company “Ukrnafta” for the loss of its property in the Crimea after its joining Russia. This was reported by the press service of the company.

Judicial decision adopted on 12 April. In addition to 44,4 million dollars compensation for property Russia is obliged to pay interest in the amount of ($5.5 million) and to compensate the arbitration expenses ($3.5 million).

According to “Ukrnafta”, we are talking about the rights of ownership of the 16 gas stations and several administrative offices, which were located on the Peninsula at the time of occurrence of the Crimea to Russia. The company tried to regain control over them, however, the Russian law enforcement agencies refused, said the press service.

“Ukrnafta” has opened a dispute to international arbitration in 2015. Russia tried to challenge this in the Supreme court of Switzerland in 2018, but the claim was rejected. The court agreed with the arbitration because the company “is the investor under the agreement (between the governments of Russia and Ukraine on promotion and mutual protection of investments — approx. “Of the”), and the property of OJSC “Ukrnafta” on the territory of Crimea — investments”.

The representatives of Russia declared about non-recognition of jurisdiction of the Hague Tribunal in the present proceedings. In addition, in comments to the court, they noted that this intergovernmental agreement may not be a basis for dispute settlement in the arbitration Tribunal, reports RIA Novosti.

In March, the Ukrainian company, Naftogaz, said on winning in the Hague arbitration suit against Russia in connection with the loss of the company’s assets in the Crimea. However, Moscow has not recognized partial judgment on the suit of the company.

The referendum on joining of Crimea in structure of Russia took place in 2014. Then the majority of the residents decided in favor of reunification with Russia. The corresponding agreement was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Ukrainian authorities refused to recognize the Crimea a part of Russia and declared the annexation of this territory.

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