Russia refused to believe the end of the oil era


www.vsyako.netPaul Sorokiniana: Vitaliy Belousov / RIA Novosti

The Ministry of energy of Russia does not believe that in the next 50-70 years of the oil era will come to an end. This opinion was expressed by Deputy Minister of energy Pavel Sorokin, whose words leads TASS.

He is convinced that oil will remain the main energy resource for another 50-70 years. “The age of oil will last at least another 50-70 years, will simply be to consume less,” the official said, acknowledging that the cost of oil production in Russia will soon begin to grow, as easy stocks in Russia come to an end.

However, even at the price of 50-60 dollars per barrel of oil, “our industry will live,” said Sorokin. “Do not despair, shouting that all was lost, to build pessimistic forecasts and urgently rush into alternative technologies and to get off the oil needle” — said the Deputy Minister.

While Sorokin acknowledged that in the future the oil industry will cease to be the main source of income for Russia. According to him, this is inevitable and we must prepare for this.

In late March, analysts at the Higher school of Economics said that the ruble and the Russian economy as a whole has become less dependent on fluctuations in world oil prices.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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