Russian citizen with a heart attack made a shot for the pain and sent home


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Maria Savchenko / RIA Novosti

In Kachkanar of Sverdlovsk area Alexey Kislitsyn died the day after a visit to a local hospital, where instead of hospitalization due to acute chest pain he had an injection for the pain. Cause of death was acute coronary heart disease, according to the newspaper “Kachkanarsky Thursday”.

According to the newspaper, the afternoon of March 10, the man felt a strong pain behind the breastbone, and his wife called an ambulance. The doctors refused to go out on a call, so the family had to go to the emergency room Kachkanarsky Central city hospital (TSGB). There Kislitsyn put a shot for the pain and sent home.

According to Yulia Kislitsyna, after dinner, her husband was only a little easier, the pain has not gone. At the hospital they said to go to the therapist and to compare the ECG made there off during a routine medical examination. “No directions or references that we were in the emergency room, did not give” — said the woman.

The next day the 44-year-old Kislitsyn fell at work and died. The autopsy doctors determined that he died from acute coronary heart disease. According to doctors, the man could have been saved if he was given inpatient treatment.

“Why they did not immediately began to treat him, and go home and work? He would know that all so seriously, take Alexei to a hospital in another city, just to save. But we’re not doctors, so trust our hospital,” lamented the widow of a resident.

The chief physician of the BTF Kachkanara did not comment on the publication of the incident, citing the law on confidentiality.

In March in the village of Beloyarsky Sverdlovsk region died 20-the summer soldier Alexey Fomin, who refused medical assistance and was sent to a military hospital. In the army he was diagnosed with “arthritis” and sent a 30-day sick leave. The mother of the deceased is convinced that her son could have been saved if the doctor had not refused to accept it.

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