Sony revealed details of the PlayStation 5


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mike Blake / Reuters

PlayStation lead architect mark CERN (Mark Cerny) revealed the first details about the next console from Sony. About it writes Wired.

First and foremost, CERN confirmed that the PlayStation 5 (although he avoids using this name and just calls it “console of the next generation”) will receive an AMD Ryzen on the architecture of Zen 2 and 7-nanometer process technology, as well as the video card family Radeon Navi support ray tracing and resolution of 8K. Along with this, the consoles will be a separate audio chip, which should be responsible for creating surround sound.

CERN spoke about the introduction of the PlayStation SSD instead of HDD. For example, SSD download of Spider-Man with fast movements only takes 0.8 seconds instead of 15. Also, the developers will be able to increase the loading speed of the environment without compromising the detail of the picture. He did not specify who manufactured the SSD for Sony, but he said that the speed of this drive is higher than any existing SSD for the PC.

The console will have backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 4 and it will work virtual reality helmet VR PS. CERN said that the console will be released in 2019, but the developers already have DevKit. Unknown is the price.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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