The man rescued the sheep-unicorn from death with the help of beer


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Resident of Australia saw to the slaughter of horned sheep and saved an animal’s life. About it reports information portal Seven News.

Michael foster (Michael Foster) was driving past the carnage and noticed among the herds of sheep an unusual individual named Joey (Joey). In the middle of her head grew a long horn. “I was like, “yeah, looks just like a unicorn”,” recalls a former stock agent.

The Aussie decided to save Joey and bought it from the owner of the slaughterhouse for two box of beer. The man now plans to show the animal world. “We’ll have a real show, and who knows where we will be. Maybe in Hollywood, says foster. I’m sure children would love to see a real unicorn. How can know it is the only such species in Australia”.

In 2017 the Icelandic farmers have found horned sheep. Due to the strange appearance of the shepherds at first mistook the animal for a goat. Old farmers living in the area, come to the mistress to look at her unusual sheep named Einhellinger (a Unicorn).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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