The number of victims of the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame rose


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The number of victims of the fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame rose to three people. The fire service in Paris reported on his Twitter page.

As it is noted that more than 400 firefighters nine hours of fierce fighting defeated the flames. “Two police officers and a firefighter received minor injuries”, — is spoken in the message. The service added that the structure of the building were able to keep as to protect the underlying artwork.

At the same time, Secretary of state at the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France Laurent Nunez said that the question now is the sustainability of the Cathedral, reports FranceInfo. He noted that it is necessary to determine, before firefighters can begin to act inside the building.

The French culture Minister Frank Riester also noted that “the basic design is saved, but the situation is extremely volatile,” reports the Telegraph.

Earlier it was reported about one affected the fire.

The Cathedral caught fire on the evening of 15 April. The fire destroyed a large part of the roof, spire and clock. The fire managed to eliminate the morning of April 16. The purported reason for the fire — restoration work began a few months ago. Around the monument has been erected scaffolding height of about 100 meters.

The President of France Emmanuel macron promised the French to restore Notre-Dame de Paris. According to experts, it can take from five years to several decades.

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