The passenger threw the little thing in the engine of the plane for good luck and ended up in police


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Police detained a resident of China, who had thrown for good luck money in a jet engine. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred with the liner of the airline Tianjin Airlines, which was supposed to fly from the city district Hohhot. One of the crew members noticed that 66-year-old tourist throws a coin with a ladder, and reported it to security.

Because of the actions of Chinese women of all passengers of the aircraft was transferred to another plane, and the flight was delayed for two hours.

Later, the airline was found next to the liner six coins. The woman admitted that she left them in the plane to pray for a safe flight.

As the representative of Tianjin Airlines, the police arrested violators, and in the future the airline will present her charges.

Earlier in April, police have arrested the passenger of the airline Hainan Airlines after he left some change in the engine of the plane before the flight. The coins fell between the steps of the ladder and was near the engine. All events saw the guard and called the police. Man detained for 10 days for threatening the safety of passengers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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