The personal data of users Instagram started to steal via fraudulent scheme


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Jaap Arriens / ZUMA /

In Instagram there is a new scheme of distribution of malicious SOFTWARE, which crooks kidnap user data. Reported by Forbes.

Hackers send from already hacked accounts of reports that the user is in the “Dirty list” (Nasty List). According to Forbes, they usually start with “WOW!!! Are you on the list. The number 100”, and next is a link, clicking on which the user gives fraudsters access to your account.

According to experts Forbes, this newsletter goes to Instagram for a week, but her purpose is not yet understood. Hackers can then use hacked their accounts to spread other malicious software or spam.

The expert believes that the best way to protect against hacking of your account in Instagram to set up two-factor authentication. If the profile is already hacked, it is possible to change the password or contact in support of the social network.

Currently, scammers are spreading malware through not only Instagram, but also through old correspondence in e-mail. Their tactics similar to that used by the cyber criminals, associated with the North Korean authorities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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