Ukraine has demanded to understand with Russia in the international Tribunal


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

Kiev has sent an appeal to the international Tribunal for the law of the sea on the Ukrainian sailors, detained by the Russian border in the Kerch Strait. This was written by the President Petro Poroshenko in his Facebook.

“In a few weeks, the Tribunal will oblige Russia to release Ukrainian sailors and ships of the Ukrainian and Moscow’s actions will be declared unlawful,” he said.

As explained “Interfax” in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the naval ships and their crews are endowed with absolute immunity, according to the UN Convention on the law of the sea. Therefore, their arrest and trial conducted by a foreign state, illegal.

The foreign Ministry also said that Ukraine April 1 informed Russia about the beginning of arbitration proceedings for violations of the Convention.

On 3 April it was reported that NATO countries began in the Black sea large-scale exercises. They participated ships from Canada, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria, and nearly two thousand troops. Among the goals of the maneuvers mentioned guarantee safe passage of Ukrainian courts across the Kerch Strait and the Azov sea.

Three ships of the Ukrainian Navy and 24 members of their crews was detained November 25, 2018. The ships entered Russian territorial waters, did not respond to the warnings and started dangerous maneuvers. The military were transferred to Moscow and is currently awaiting trial. April 15 term of preliminary investigation in their case was extended until 25 August. Kiev has considered the action an act of military aggression.

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