YouTube took fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in the September 11 attacks


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Benoit Tessier / Reuters

A special program YouTube against the fake news took fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in the September 11 attacks. As Motherboard reports, special reference, the footnotes appeared at least in live broadcasts on the website YouTube two TV channels.

On the evening of 16 April, during the fire on YouTube, there were several streams of events. The audience noticed that watching these broadcast TV stations CBS and NBC under the video there is background information on the September 11 attacks, citing online encyclopedia.

Footnote appear automatically in the framework of the fight against fake news, which the company launched last year. The representative of YouTube said that “such references appear in the framework of the algorithm”, and are not activated by the staff manually. “Our systems sometimes can be wrong. I switched these help for live broadcasts related to the fire,” — said the press service of video hosting.

Notre Dame Cathedral lit up in the evening April 15. The last few months in this restoration was carried out. The fire destroyed a large part of the roof, spire and clock.

By the morning of 16 April, the fire was extinguished. For a variety of opinions, the restoration of the Cathedral may take from five years to several decades. Some relics were saved: in particular, the crown of thorns, the tunic of St. Ludwig and a few pictures. Notre Dame Cathedral — Catholic Church in the centre of Paris, one of the symbols of the French capital. It was built nearly two hundred years.

11 September 2001 terrorists “al-Qaeda” hijacked four passenger aircraft. Two aircraft crashed into the world trade center towers in new York, the third fell on the building of the Ministry of defense of the United States, one crashed near the city of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Killing about 3 million people, more than 4 thousand were injured.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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