Aggressive deer killed the owner and injured his wife


www.vsyako.netPhoto: He Jinghua / ZUMA /

In the Australian state of Victoria a married couple suffered from the attacks of domesticated reindeer. This publication reports the BBC News.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning, April 17. 47-year-old man went to feed the deer living on his land about six years. For unclear reasons, attacked the cloven-hoofed master. To help the man ran out of a spouse. Their son, the teenager managed to get rid of the aggressive animal.

The Australian died on the spot, the woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

According to police, a deer found in Wangaratta, North-East of the state and euthanized. The government failed to establish the exact species of animal.

Earlier in April it was reported that in the English village Bletchingley, Surrey, the owner of the farm suffered from the attack of aggressive cow trying to protect her newborn calf. Presumably, the attack happened when the woman went to the corral. The incident resulted in the Briton suffered serious injuries of the chest and legs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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