Beaten players official Pak offended by the word “Chinese”


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The aggressive behavior of the players Pavel Mamayev and Alexander Kokorin and their friends in a cafe Coffeemania threatened the lives of officials of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Pack. About this the victim told the process that takes place in the Presnensky court of Moscow, reports “the Media”.

According to Pack, from the players could be heard shouting “kill”, “lucky to be alive”.

“Kirill Kokorin beat me in the face, in the head was struck,” said the victim. How many strikes, he doesn’t remember, but more than one. From the punch formed chipped tooth enamel, noted puck.

At the same time, he said, Mamaev beat General Director of FSUE “NAMI” Sergey Gaisin, who came to the rescue of the Pack.

“Mr. Protasowicki grabbed his [Gysin] by the neck and tried to strangle him, held a suffocating reception” — said Pak. Then I turned to him Kirill Kokorin and called Chinese.

The lawyer of one of the defendants asked the official whether he thinks the word “Chinese” is an insult.

“If in mocking tone, probably, Yes,” said Pak.

His beating was accompanied by obscenities, continued the victim, and denied the testimony of other witnesses held a reconciliation with the players after a conflict in a cafe.

“No degree and level of aggression throughout the incident have not been reduced. Sounded in the media that was some kind of reconciliation — no reconciliation occurred, probably, in this case, the company would have behaved so aggressive,” explained the official.

While Pak said that is not going to file a lawsuit against the offender and beat his players. On the question of punishment for Kokorin and Mamaev, the victim said he leaves it to the discretion of the court.

Former midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev, along with another football player — striker “Zenith” Alexander Kokorin are the defendants in the two cases under articles “Hooliganism” and “Assault”. According to investigators, in October 2018 athletes attacked the driver leading the First channel, and then to an official of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Pak and the Director General of FSUE “NAMI” Sergey Gaisin.

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