Became aware of the attempts of the EU to block sanctions against Russia


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The European Union labour introduced anti-Russian sanctions after the incident in the Kerch Strait from the Ukrainian ships. Against the restrictive measures were made by Germany, France, Italy and Finland. On Wednesday, April 17, according to the Ukrainian edition of “true European” with reference to its sources.

According to journalists, the EU started to discuss new sanctions immediately after detention by Russian border guards Ukrainian ships 25 Nov 2018. First, Brussels has tried to persuade Moscow to release the sailors. Against imposing any new sanctions against Russia were Germany. It was supported by France, Italy and other EU members.

The agreement “highly symbolic” of personal sanctions against the Russians demanded multi-level negotiations within the EU, says the publication. As told one of the officials, at first they blocked Finland, since the initial sanctions list includes Deputy head of the border service of the FSB of Russia Gennady Medvedev, who is involved in dialogue on the border issues between Moscow and Helsinki.

As soon as Medvedev was replaced, the sanctions have blocked Italy. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte said that Rome is seeking the abolition of restrictive measures against Russia. According to sources, the Italian veto helped lift Lithuania. According to diplomatic circles, the Baltic Republic has agreed to accept five Syrian families who have arrived in Italy.

Ukraine has proposed to introduce more serious sanctions against Russia that would include restrictions on companies, ports and ships. However, in Europe this idea was supported only by “traditional friends” in Kiev such as Lithuania and joined them Denmark.

In the end, when the EU imposed personal sanctions against eight Russians, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that this package of sanctions wanted to see. European diplomats in Kiev said, after this announcement, any further requests of Ukraine on the extension of the “Azov” package are doomed to failure. However, if it were not for the persistence Poroshenko, even personal sanctions would not appear.

On 25 November Russia has detained three Ukrainian ship, accusing them of trespassing. Arrested on 24 sailor. In Kiev called the actions of Moscow’s aggression. In the border regions of Ukraine a month were military situation.

On 15 March, the EU imposed sanctions against eight Russians, including the chief of the border guard of the FSB in the Crimea and Sevastopol Sergei Stankevich and the commander of the southern military district Alexander Dvornikov.

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