Before hospitalization, the Bulls gave a lecture on Christ


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Writer Dmitry Bykov on the eve of the admission felt good, and I read in Yekaterinburg lecture “Passion” in the world literature on the last days of Jesus Christ in books and cinema. About it reports the edition Sign.

It is noted that one of the last who saw him in Yekaterinburg, was a former mayor of Eugene Roizman. He said that at a lecture to get did not, however, met with the writer before his departure to Ufa. “Clear-headed. He’s not a computer, but a whole civilization in his head, very strange,” — said Roizman hospitalization Bykov.

Visited the lectures of the writer, the press-Secretary “of the Yeltsin centre” Eugene Capetonian, said that Bykov was full of energy. Her words are confirmed by the showman and journalist Alexander Tsarikov. “The whole performance was brisk and quite convincing. Sat down at the end of the lecture, when it came time to answer questions from the audience”, — he said.

Dmitry Bykov became ill during a flight from Ekaterinburg to Ufa, where he was to undergo a lecture of the writer. He was hospitalized in the Department of neuroresuscitation and fell into a coma. The Ministry of health of the Republic of Bashkortostan reported that the state Bykov remains heavy. According to experts, the writer suspected a stroke, but the diagnosis is not confirmed.

Friend Bykov, chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov said that no stroke in the writer. It was also reported that the publicist made a preliminary diagnosis of “acute violation of blood circulation of the brain.”

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