Bore in the first minutes of the year the Russian ordered to pay for donated flowers


www.vsyako.netSania Abdylinajurjevna: press-service of a city administration of Omsk

The inhabitant of Omsk who gave birth to one of the first in 2019, children, Sania Abdullina has received notification from the IRS stating that it is obliged to pay the tax on the property donated to the city a bouquet of flowers and a certificate for children’s products. About it writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

According to the publication, the amount of payments made 2343 of the ruble. The letter also stated that the woman should pay tax on the income of individuals.

As explained in the Ministry of Finance and the Department of public relations and social policies are taxable gifts from organisations in excess of four thousand rubles. Abdullina also presented certificates to a children’s store in the amount of 20 thousand rubles, as well as a bouquet of flowers. The Ministry said that the woman had been warned about the duty tax.

The woman in turn said that if it is notified in advance of required payments, gifts she would not have accepted. “Okay, certificates we used, though everything in this store is expensive. But the bouquet! I didn’t sell then and didn’t ask him. I do not dispute that the bouquet is beautiful, but I in a hospital and left,” said the Russian.

“We’ll pay, of course, where to go. Child without diapers will remain or friends will take. We have a mortgage and a loan for the washing machine, her husband of 21 thousand gets. We have three thousand life remains, how do you think big for us this amount or not?” — Abdullin has told.

In the family of Sania and Ruslan Abdullin was born one of the first newborns in 2019, the year: half an hour after the start of the new year. It was called Dastan. Russian woman congratulated the staff of the administration.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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