Dead science fiction writer gene Wolfe


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Died an American science fiction writer gene Wolfe. This was reported on the website of the publishing house Tor, which collaborated with the author.

He died April 14 at age 87. Cause of death was heart disease.

Among admirers of his work such masters of fantasy like Ursula Le GUIN and Neil Gaiman. Russian readers of Wolfe will remember the series “Beria”.

Over his writing career, Wolfe has repeatedly awarded an authoritative prize, Nebula and Locus, he also tizzy, winner of the world fantasy award.

On January 23 it was reported about the death of science fiction writer Mikhail Akhmanov. In addition to fiction, he was engaged in scientific activity, his teaching concerned the field of quantum solid state physics, quantum chemistry, rentgenovskii.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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