Disclosed details of disputes debate Poroshenko and Zelensky


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In the election headquarters of the incumbent President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told about his proposals regarding a format of the debates at the stadium “Olympic”. The briefing was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

First and foremost, the headquarters of Poroshenko are not satisfied with the scene, which will be the candidates. “It is our conviction that the scene does not have to be. The scene is the position of our opponent. With what do you associate the scene? With a concert. Therefore, from our point of view, the debate is not a concert, not a show-business, talking about serious things,” — said the speaker of a staff of Oleg Medvedev.

The staff also declares the necessity of separation of the audience based on political views. “It is obvious that the debate will come active supporters of both candidates who are very worried about them and sick. Better security reasons, so they sat in different sectors and to the fan zone was not a mixed crowd,” — said Medvedev.

In addition, the team Poroshenko insists on the increase of time of debate, with 60 minutes to 90. According to them, this will allow the candidates to discuss in more detail key issues in their election programs. “I hope that our opponent will be able to withstand such intellectual marathon,” concluded the speaker of the presidential staff.

Earlier it became known that Poroshenko and Zelensky finally agreed on the debate between the candidates and the administration of the stadium “Olympic” was signed a tripartite agreement on the lease of the sports complex on April 19. Before they for nearly two weeks could not agree on the date of the event.

Viewers will be able to go to the debate is free but registration is required.

The second round of presidential elections in Ukraine scheduled for April 21. The leader of the first round, held on March 31, became Zelensky, who scored 30,24% of the votes. Poroshenko took the second place from 15.95% of the votes. According to a recent poll, Zelensky ready to vote 72 percent of voters for Poroshenko, up to 25 percent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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