Estimated harmfulness and danger of working in Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mikhail Voskresensky / TASS

About 79 percent of jobs in Russia have acceptable working conditions, while the remaining 21 percent of work is harmful and dangerous. It follows from the materials of the Ministry of labor on the results of checking the conditions of work in Russia, TASS.

In total, the Agency checked more than 26 million jobs. According to the Ministry of labor estimates that 2.8 million people (10.7 per cent of jobs) are exposed to harmful production factors, but the body recovers. A further 2.2 million employees (8.6% of jobs) influence of hazardous production factors which become the cause of diseases of mild severity.

Order 366 thousand (1.4 per cent) work in conditions which lead to the emergence of the disease easy and moderate severity, and then disability. Another 23.8 thousand employees (0.1 percent of seats) the conditions of employment become a cause of severe forms of diseases. Unsafe working conditions fixed by 36.7 thousand persons (0.2 percent).

Previously, the Fes was named the most popular profession in Russia. According to the Agency, most vacancies are open to working professionals. So, in the sphere of production, construction and health there are around a million job openings. Most employers are looking for fitters, welders, turners, fitters, concrete workers, and carpenters. Also on the labour market demand for doctors in various specialties and nurses.

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