Found unknown pictures of Hitler


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Heinrich Hoffmann / National archives and records US

Specialist National archives and documentation Richard Schneider digitized over 1270 of pictures of Adolf Hitler taken by personal photographer of the leader of Nazi Germany Heinrich Hofmann. On Wednesday, April 17, writes The Washington Post.

As the newspaper notes, in the course of digitization Schneider had to handle more than 41 thousand glass photographic plates with images of Hitler, many of them were broken and the technician had to collect them in parts. As a result, Schneider was able to detect rare and previously unknown images.

In particular, it was discovered one of the earliest formal photos of the Fuhrer on which he was captured along with a German shepherd. Presumably, it was made in 1923.

In addition, was found a picture where Hitler sits surrounded by followers and admirers in the cafe, and also a picture in which the Fuhrer is depicted with his companions, Joseph Goebbels, who served from 1933 Minister of propaganda of Nazi Germany, Heinrich Himmler, who in 1929 by the SS Reichsfuhrer, Rudolf Hess, who was also part of the circle of the closest associates of the Fuhrer.

Soon all photos will be placed in an open access network.

In March it was reported that in Germany, published the private diary of an officer of the Third Reich Ollenhauer Egon (Egon Ollenhauer), which represents the locations with hidden Nazi treasure. However, later in the document found a number of inconsistencies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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