Identified the symptom of the imminent premature death


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Swedish scientists came to the conclusion that heart rate at rest is 75 beats per minute doubles the risk of premature death among men. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

In the study, which began in 1993, involved 798 people (all of them were born in 1943), who filled in the questionnaires in which they described their way of life, pointed to the levels of experienced stress and a history of cardiovascular diseases in the family. Volunteers also passed the medical examination, the results of which formed four groups: people with heart rate less than 55 beats per minute, 56-65 BPM, 66-75 BPM and 75 BPM.

The participants re-took the measurement of heart rate in 2003 and 2014. In 21 years of monitoring 119 deaths, 237 developed cardiovascular disease, and 113 — ischemic heart disease. Those people who have in 1993 the frequency was greater than 55 beats per minute, were more often smokers, led a sedentary lifestyle and has shown the propensity to stress. However, those who have this indicator was equal to 75 beats per minute, twice as likely to die from cardiovascular disease and other causes.

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