In Germany, found the largest hoard of medieval coins


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Archaeologists announced one of the largest hoards of coins of the XIV century, found in Germany for the last time. This writes Deutsche Welle.

The coins were discovered in 2017 in the vicinity of Ellwangen. They dug two men who have found old military ammunition with the help of metal detectors. They are a few months concealed the find, but then one of them reported it to the authorities. They had to pay the fine, but managed to avoid criminal liability.

A large part of the treasure was silver hellers — a bargaining chip, common in the medieval Central Europe. Many of them were minted in the city of schwäbisch hall there are coins from würzburg, Augsburg, Konstanz and even from France. The oldest of them date back to the year 1280, the new — 1350-m. Together with coins stored silver ring.

For seven centuries the hellers stuck together, however, judging by the weight, their number could exceed nine thousand. In the early fourteenth century, this amount would be enough, for the purchase of a peasant’s garden. On the contemporary value of the treasure is not reported.

Now discovery learning experts from the office for protection of monuments of Baden-württemberg, it is Expected that the coins will separate from each other and clean. Summer treasure will put in Esslingen am Neckar.

In April it was reported that in the English County of Kent treasure hunter found perfectly preserved coin III century BC. The evaluators believed that the auction for it is possible to gain at least 100 thousand pounds (8,6 million).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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