In the United States has found a way to avoid nuclear war


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Nuclear Apocalypse will prevent only increase the percentage of women working in the field of nuclear weapons. This opinion was expressed by columnist of Foreign Policy magazine, founder of the journalistic project Fuller Project Santi sarff published in the April 15 column.

The journalist believes that the “dominance” of men in this area increases the likelihood of nuclear war, she cites studies in which simulated war games. According to their findings, men are more prone to aggressive and risky behavior.

Sharf also points to research in the field of peacekeeping: the participation of women in peace negotiations supposedly significantly increases the likelihood that the parties come to an agreement. Based on this, she said that international missile agreements would have adhered more faithfully if the relevant authorities were more workers are female.

In this case, the negotiations on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons women represent only a quarter of the participants. So their impact became evident, writes Sharff required to cross the threshold of 30 percent. Among other measures, she invites the media to pay more attention to the workers of this sector.

“Changes are needed at least for the sake of social justice — but not the only one. Nuclear safety is an area where the stakes are greater than in any other. And the world cannot afford to push innovation and talent,” concludes the journalist.

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