Jon snow from “Game of thrones” revealed the secret of the survival of the characters


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Kit Harington, who played Jon snow in “Game of thrones” in an interview for Esquire magazine told why the creators of the series can extend the life of some heroes.

The actor said that David Benioff and Dan Weiss depending on how much they like the actor is doing its role, can make a decision on the extension of his existence in the series. Kit Harington cited the example of actor Christopher Chivu, who plays the wildling Tormund. “Christopher could be the little character who will come at once to leave the show, but David and Ben liked the way Christopher worked with the role of Tormund”, — he explained.

Earlier in April, the actress Sophie Turner, best known for playing Sansa stark, admitted that she had thoughts of suicide because of negative comments of viewers.

The premiere of the first series, released in Russia on the night of April 15, the final season of “Game of thrones” has broken several records. In the US it was watched more than 17 million people. In addition, the episode devoted more than five million publications on Twitter, making it the most mentioned social media.

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