Named fees nationalist Datsik and blogger for the fight


www.vsyako.netVyacheslav Detikhot: Alexander Koryakov / Kommersant

Named fees nationalist Vyacheslav Datsik and blogger Artyom Tarasov for fighting. Their in an interview with TASS announced the promoter of the fight Amiran Sardarov.

According to Sardarov, guaranteed fee both fighters amounted to 300 thousand rubles, while the winner of the match, Tarasov has received about 800 thousand rubles.

The fight was held on April 15. Datsik dominated possession throughout the match, but repeatedly violated the rules and was disqualified. The victory was awarded Tarasov.

Nationalist Datsik was released on February 26 in connection with the expiration of the period of limitation in the case of the “March of the prostitutes”. In may 2016, he forced the employees and customers of a brothel in St. Petersburg to walk naked down the street. Datsik tried to repeat a similar action in another public house, but was arrested and found guilty on three counts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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