Named reliable way to avoid conflict on Board the aircraft


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

Chief editor of the portal Roman Gusarov said that the aircraft commanders have the right to remove any passenger from the flight, if this will avoid further problems on the Board. This view he expressed in conversation with the correspondent “”, commenting on the scandal erupted after removing from the flight of the people’s artist of Russia Alexander Pankratov-Black.

“He’s had good reason. The commander is responsible for the safety of every passenger and criminally liable. If there was some background of the brawl, and he would not have taken all measures so that the situation to prevent it, it would then answer,” — said the expert. “If the person is already on the ground behaves inappropriately, then what can happen in the air? There starts the pressure drops. He [the pilot] did the right thing and legally”, — said Gusarov.

He also added that if the passenger is not subject to the requirements of the crew, he automatically violates safety rules. According to Gusarov, the staff do not have to pour alcohol, if you do not consider it necessary.

“If you ask a glass of champagne they can pour. But if the crew sees that the man is inadequate, they have the right to refuse. It’s not a restaurant, and on-Board service, and the ticket does not say that he is provided with 200 grams of vodka. It is not spelled out in the obligations of the airlines,” he concluded.

Before the 17th of April in the Internet appeared the video of the conflict, Alexander Pankratov-Black c staff plane EN route from Barnaul to Moscow. The footage shows how the actor in a raised voice talking to the flight attendant and flight attendant, while standing next to him a woman tries to hold him back to the seat.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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