Named the main initiator of the “case Skrypalia” in the United States


www.vsyako.netGina, Haspelmath: Joshua Roberts / REUTERS

The decision of the President of the United States Donald trump to move the “case Skrypalia” has been influenced by CIA Director Gina Haspel. This writes The New York Times.

According to the publication, initially in a neutral trump reacted to the news about the poisoning of the former GRU Colonel and his daughter in the British Salisbury. Moreover, it is, in the opinion of the President, consistent with his paradigm about the punishment of traitors.

Haspel, who at that time Deputy head of the CIA, was able to insist that trump in solidarity with London, was expelled from the United States to Russian diplomats. As proof she showed the occupant of the White house photo of dead birds and suffered from “Newcomer” children.

16 April 2018, it became known that trump was furious after learning the number of deported Russians. According to the source of the Washington Post, he began to yell at his assistants when he realized that France and Germany have sent just four or diplomat, and the U.S. returned to Russia 60 people.

Skrypali, according to British authorities, on March 4, 2018 was poisoned developed in the USSR nerve substance is “new” result of the operation with the participation of GRU staff. In London believe that the attack was sanctioned by the highest leadership of Russia. Moscow has declared his innocence to the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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