Runet began to attack two times the amount


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The number of cyber attacks in Russia in 2018 year increased almost two times. This was announced by Vice-President of information security PJSC “Rostelecom” Igor Lyapunov, reports “Interfax”.

“This attack bears as widespread, and targeted targeted attacks aimed at obtaining money,” he said during a speech on “RIF+KIB 2019”.

In 2018, the company has recorded the largest in recent years DDos attack size of 450 gigabits per second.

To date, 75 percent of cyber-attacks affecting financial institutions, e-Commerce, gambling business. In recent time, the purpose of attacks are infrastructure projects, said the Lyapunov.

“Over the past year and a half we saw a very serious trend: a number of targeted attacks aimed at critical infrastructure information management system (hazardous industries and subsistence systems of the state administration system). Originated the term for politically motivated attacks. (…) The goal of the attacker is to gain control and point of presence in this critical information infrastructure,” said Lyapunov.

Cyber attacks continued in 2019. In particular, ran large phishing attack, the source of which was the Internet of things, namely smart TVs and home routers. The analysis, which was conducted by “Rostelecom”, it turned out that all applications for the sale of services, whether it be food delivery, car sharing or fashion retailers who can’t help themselves about cyber attacks. Lyapunov came to the conclusion that the entire online business is 100 percent vulnerable. “No one spends the effort to analyze, identify vulnerabilities in their applications, to protect user data”, — said a top Manager.

According to his calculations, the budget of the Russian segment of the darknet, “Russian groups of hackers”, more than 2 billion rubles.

“It’s a big industry, it has moved from the category of some bullies, now that the dark side is a serious, well-structured and well-functioning business, with a large amount of investment,” — said Vice-President of the company.

November 1, Russia will come into force a law on a reliable online. In the framework of its implementation will create a redundant infrastructure, designed to defend the country in case of threats from outside. On the execution of the project from the budget will allocate 30 billion rubles.

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