Russian investigators will be punished for acquittals


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In the management of the Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia in the Tula region came up with the punishment for employees for the acquittal on cases investigated by them. This became known from an official document signed by the head of the Tula Central Board SK the General-the major of justice Alexander Starikov, which was published in his Telegram-channel head of human rights organisation “Agora” Pavel Chikov.

“In connection with the become frequent cases of poor investigation of criminal cases and the lack of appropriate procedural control (…) require (….) to prepare and submit to the personnel Department a report on the topic on which the violations of criminal procedural legislation, with the subsequent qualification examination on the knowledge of criminal law, criminal procedural law, criminology, departmental normative legal acts and protection of the abstract”, — the document says.

The head of Tula management SK offers individually send investigators on a special certification, and their leaders, to exclude formal approach to training. The General reminded subordinates on a personal responsibility for violations of the law during the investigation of criminal cases.

“It looks like the moral decay of the Agency,” wrote human rights activist in comments to the document.

In Russia last year were acquitted of 516 people, which amounted to 0.51 per cent of the criminal cases directed to court by the Investigative Committee. The low level of acquittals is associated with the quality of work of the investigators, said the head of the Agency Alexander Bastrykin. Previously, he instructed to check all criminal cases, which had resulted in acquittal in Moscow to find out, was there enough of the grounds for rendering acquittal.

In 2017, the acquittals were handed down only one of thousands of defendants.

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