Shoigu told about the new threat to Russia


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The 201st military base (formerly 201st motor rifle division) in Tajikistan need to be strengthened in view of proximity to the borders of Afghanistan and outbound from there the terrorist threat. As reported by RBC, said the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu.

According to him, the terrorists from Syria moved either in Libya or in Afghanistan.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at press conference following Russian-Tajikistani talks, which took place on 17 April, called the Russian military base in Tajikistan is important for the maintenance of peace and stability in the region, writes TASS. According to him, the parties have agreed to further develop cooperation in this sphere on a bilateral basis and in the framework of the collective security Treaty.

201st military base — one of the largest Russian military bases abroad. It was formed in 2004 on the basis of the 201st Gatchina twice red banner motor rifle division. In 2015, it increased the assault and transport-combat helicopters, two years later it appeared in the division of MLRS “Uragan”. In agreement with the authorities of Tajikistan, the Russian army will stay in the country until at least 2042.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union on the Tajik-Afghan border remained the group of troops of the former red banner Central Asian border district of the KGB of the USSR. In September 1992, on its base was created the Group of the Russian frontier troops in Tajikistan. In the same year, the Republic launched a civil war. Tense remains the situation in neighboring Afghanistan established after the overthrow of the regime of former President Mohammad Najibullah.

13 Jul 1993 in Tajikistan, the battle began on the 12-th frontier post of the Moscow border detachment of the border troops of Russia: a group of Tajik and Afghan militants tried to break into the territory of the Republic. Realizing that the Russian border guards noticed them, the militants stormed the Outpost with the support of fire from machine guns, grenade launchers, mortars and launchers of rockets, pre-placed on the heights around the Outpost. As a result of heavy shelling burned the barracks and other buildings, were lined with a single BMP. The Outpost was repulsed on the same day. Of the 48 people who were at the Outpost in the beginning of the battle, 25, was killed. The losses of the insurgents amounted to approximately to 70 people.

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