The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine told about trade secret data


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Efrem Lukatsky / AP

The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios told how much access to private databases of law enforcement agencies. About it reports “Ukrainian truth”.

According to him, representatives of law enforcement agencies have an unofficial “price list” to provide access to operational information. For example, for access to the databases of the interior Ministry to demand from 250 to 700 UAH for access to information on border crossing — 600-800 UAH for the call details of the subscriber with reference to the place — from 4 thousand to 7 thousand hryvnias.

Matios said that such illegal access to the databases allowed the attackers to plan several terrorist attacks, in particular murder of 2017 scout defense Maxim Shapoval and attempted another military intelligence officer in Kiev on 4 April 2019.

In addition, Matios commented on recent media rumors about his escape from the country. The video of the corresponding fragment of the briefing was published by the channel “112 Ukraine”, it is available on YouTube. “With a smile I want to say: I am not a double, not a tee and not even a clone of “the fugitive Matios”. We “escaped” to work, work today demonstrated that joint, in the state, together with SBU”, — he said.

The Prosecutor assured that it does not need to look for “either in Israel or in Switzerland,” because he was “just doing his job”, which is not always accompanied by the presence in the media.

That Matios left the territory of Ukraine, 15 April, citing sources close to the Prosecutor said the journalist Vasily Crutches. According to him, Matios serious conflict with the current President, Petro Poroshenko, because the Prosecutor gave the journalists information about embezzlement in the defense sector, which involved colleagues Poroshenko — father and son Gladkowska (formerly bore the name Svinarchuk), and released a video where the son of the head of state is in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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