The commandos told about the consequences of the massacre in “Columbine”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ed Andrieski / AP

Fighters police special forces SWAT, first entered the school, “Columbine”, where on 20 April 1999, there was a mass murder, he remembered the events of that day and their consequences. Reported by the Associated Press.

According to the officer Grant Witosa, a group of special forces involved in the operation, was soon dissolved by 2002 there were only three team members out of ten.

Experts say that by the 20th anniversary of the massacre in “Columbine” still has not been studied impact on the law enforcement implications of shooting in schools. According to the Agency, now the police are beginning to develop guidelines for the provision of psychological assistance to special forces soldiers involved in heavy operations. In several States (Colorado, Texas, Vermont, South Carolina) adopted laws, according to which police officers are entitled to compensation for harm to psychological health. According to researcher Michelle Galiette, the problem is that the police provide assistance immediately after such incidents, but not watching how they cope with injury after many months.

Mass murder at an American school “Columbine” happened in Colorado on 20 April 1999. Two school students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold attacked other students and teachers with firearms and improvised explosive devices. As a result of their actions killed 12 students and one teacher. Then criminals have committed suicide.

In 2006, the school “Plat-Canyon” of the Colorado man took hostage six children, four of it were later released. In the death of 16-year — old assailant shot her in the head, then killed himself.

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