The guy gave his girlfriend the engagement ring my ex, and was known as a cheapskate


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The lady Reddit told me that her boyfriend wants to play with her wedding, but as the rings that previously bought for ex-girlfriend. His doubts, the girl shared with visitors of the portal.

In the words of the narrator, they have long discussed the possibility of getting married. The girl doesn’t want to seem “unreasonable”, if denied lover for the ring, because such a gift can save considerable money. “But something in my heart can not accept the fact that the ring was originally for someone else,” she explained.

The author of the post noted that her husband met with his ex-girlfriend for about four years and planned to ask her to marry him. In this regard, he ordered a special ring from abroad. But in the end they broke up, and jewelry remained with him. The guy says that his ex never wore a ring on her finger.

The girl stressed that she does not need expensive jewelry or diamonds, but “ring that was bought with the thought of it.” Reddit users surprised such a proposal of her beloved.

“That’s so disgusting to try to give you a ring made for someone else. You’ll look at it every day and resent him for the way he sold too cheap,” wrote one user. Most agreed that even for practical reasons do not take the ring the former. The bride decided to find a way to recover some of the money from the sale of the old ring and exchange it for a new one. Some users also recommended to abandon the ring, keeping the stone to new.

In November 2018 the girl asked users of the network to come up with options for waiver of the wedding because she didn’t like the engagement ring. In response, commentators accused her of rudeness and tactlessness.

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