The London Museum opens vagina


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In the London area of Camden market will open a temporary Museum dedicated to the vagina. This publication reports The Mirror.

The Creator of the Museum of Florence Schechter, learned about open in 2017, the phallus Museum in Iceland, decided that somewhere in the world must be the same Museum, but dedicated to the female genital organs. She believes that it is necessary to break the taboo and start talking about vaginas, female circumcision, violence, and also to tell about the place of the vagina in science, history and culture.

“It’s really important, because it’s still extremely stigmatized part of the body,” said Schechter. According to her, some women are still embarrassed to go to the doctor to consult about cervical cancer in many countries is still not talking about menstruation, and in Nepal during the critical days women even kicked out of the house. “We talk about everything that is not accepted is our goal,” concluded the girl.

We are currently raising money to build a permanent Museum, it is necessary to save up 130 thousand pounds. By April 2019 have managed to collect about 40 thousand. To donate money visit the website of the Museum. Everyone who has invested in the development of the project, have a chance to win a crocheted vagina.

Earlier in March, in Moscow in the bathroom of the Metropolitan Museum of the history of corporal punishment on the Arbat opened Museum of the history of prostitution. As the Creator of the Museum, the artist Valery Pereverzev, the Museum’s mission is to cause the person a feeling of rejection, deceived, “just nasty.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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