The Scot broke in the night at someone’s house, prepare something to eat and fell asleep


www.vsyako.netFrame: Daily Record

In the Scottish city of Glasgow was found in the house of a drunken stranger. About this newspaper the Daily Record.

“The couple woke me up and asked: “who are You?” — says the man in a video posted on Facebook. — And I answer them: “what are you? I was here last night at the party””. Then the master of the house assured the stranger that was no party.

As it turned out, the night before the Scot took a taxi towards his home, but upon arrival messed up the front door. “I went, took shelter and fell asleep,” he recalls. In the morning the family found the kitchen a plate of noodles, and the sofa of the sleeping stranger. “I guess I was preparing myself something to eat”, — jokingly explained Amateur parties.

The owners are quite welcomed the uninvited guest: they gave a man a Cup of tea and a cigarette. In the video, which became viral, the Scot thanked the family for their warm hospitality.

In 2018, it was reported that in Canada, police have arrested a man who broke into someone’s house and stayed there for wine and music. The investigation found that the attacker entered the house, drank a bottle of wine standing in the fridge, and then began to play the piano. The sound of music woke the two occupants on the second floor.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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