These conditions reduction of payment for utilities to a minimum


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Home buyers who aim to minimize the cost of housing, need to pay attention to the apartments in “Khrushchev” five-storey buildings. This is stated in the research company “Talan” (in edition “”).

Analysts compared the data on utility costs residents of the Russian cities polumilliona and came to the conclusion that the amount of payment for apartments of comparable size can vary up to 50 percent or more. The cost of payment of utility services significantly vary depending on the type of house, its condition and the degree of improvement, the materials of Talan.

In particular, the lack of in home elevators and garbage disposal reduces the amount of payment for utility services by 10-15 percent, and service apartments in the installed gas house can be up to 15 percent more than in the house with electric stoves.

Some management companies provide a discount for payment of utilities in 5-10 percent of residents of the first floor, according to the materials of the company.

“The cheapest option is to rent an apartment in “Khrushchev” on the first floor with electric stove and no garbage,” the analysts conclude “Talana”.

Earlier, analysts property database CYANOGEN compared data on prices for Moscow “Khrushchev” who is in the renovation programme, and came to the conclusion that from 2017 the apartments in these buildings has risen by 20 percent. In those five-story buildings, which have not become program participants, the growth rate was only 6 percent.

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