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The heroine of the British TV show This Morning Fiona Hornby (Hornby Fiona) complained leading large breast size that interferes with her life, but did not receive sympathy from many Internet users. This writes the Sun.

Twenty-five year old woman wears the bra size of 48J, which often finds itself a suitable clothing, suffering from back pain and cannot stand for more than five minutes. “I am uncomfortable with lingerie and without it. I struggle with this every day. I have this depression, but I can’t do anything about it,” complained a leading morning show Hornby.

She claims that she is suffering from macromastia — pathological breast enlargement, and so he wants the surgeon reduced her Breasts for free at the expense of funds allocated by the National health service UK (NHS). A woman tries to achieve this operation in 2013, but so far her efforts were not crowned with success. “Recently I was denied for the reason that this operation cosmetic, but it’s not. One of the therapists even accused the current situation, “Brakcet” (British exit from the European Union — approx.“—confessed live on Hornby.

The woman is afraid that her Breasts will continue to grow. She launched a fundraiser for operation on the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe. However, not all viewers of the program think that Hornby will help the operation. “Maybe she should try to lose weight?” — wrote user Adam. “She must be on the marine diet? Eats what he sees in front of him” — evil joked the user James Bailey.

There were people who came to the defense of Hornby. “Take her situation more skeptical, guys. It may be true on a diet, but wrong. What if it saves more weight than lose?” — suggested the girl with the nickname Eva.

The woman says that are on a diet and trying to exercise, but a large breast size complicates the implementation of almost any physical activity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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