A shark attacked a schoolgirl


www.vsyako.netPeyton of Childstat: video “News4Jax”

In the U.S. state of Florida 10-year-old girl had to put 40 stitches after a shark attack. About it reports information portal WJXT.

On Friday, April 12, Peyton shields (Peyton Shields) celebrated his birthday on the beach with my parents. The girl went into the water on his chest and suddenly started to tremble and scream from the pain. The father of the birthday girl Steve shields (Steve Shields) at first thought she was stung by a jellyfish. But then he noticed that the water around daughter was turned red.

Peyton managed, staggering out of the water. The blood gushing from her left arm and legs. The girl told a horrified parents that the shark first bit her leg, and then when the child tried to fight the fish by hand hurt and wrist.

Parents put a tourniquet on the wound until the ambulance went to the beach. Peyton was taken to the nearest hospital where they stitched her up and did dressings.

The next day the girl was discharged, and she was able to continue celebrating with friends. Peyton does not complain of pain, but very angry that the doctors forbade her to bathe.

“We live in Florida. Here there are alligators and sharks. But we will swim in the lake and swim in the ocean. It is a given” — philosophically commented on the incident, the girl’s father. He added that she was lucky — because of the shark bite she became a star among the locals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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