Became aware of the desire of the Prime Minister of Hungary to divide Ukraine


www.vsyako.netVictor Urbandata: Vitaliy Belousov / RIA Novosti

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has invited Poland to take part in the section of Ukraine. This statement was made Deputy of the lower chamber of Polish Parliament, Slawomir Nitras, reports Onet.

“Orban has called us to conquer the land during the Ukrainian crisis of 2014 and share them. He wants to revise the boundaries of Europe, as [Russian President] Vladimir Putin,” — said the Deputy.

The politician added that Hungary is a very dangerous country, which has historical complex due to the loss of the territories. According to Nitrate, Poland stands for the stabilization of Europe and reacted negatively to the words of Orban.

Diplomatic scandal between Ukraine and Hungary started in September 2018. Then there was video from the Hungarian Consulate in Transcarpathia, where the Consul was handing out in the building of the diplomatic mission passports to Ukrainians and led them to the oath of allegiance to Hungary. It later turned out that the diplomat didn’t give out passports and the packet of documents for obtaining citizenship. But the incident provoked a scandal, the results of which Ukraine was kicked out of the country the Consul. Hungary responded similarly.

According to the population census of Ukraine in 2001, in the Transcarpathian region were living 151,5 thousands of ethnic Hungarians.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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