More details emerged of abuse of prisoners in Russian colonies


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In Abakan city court completed the trial of three members of a single space cell-type (EPKT) penal colony №33, who are accused of torturing prisoners. About it writes “the Media”.

According to investigators, the former head EPKT Eugene Chechenin and two inspectors — Ilya Vasilyev and Dmitry Zolotukhin was beaten and tortured prisoners, forcing them to abandon lawyers. They are also charged with abuse of power and sexual abuse victims.

One of them was a prisoner Ivanov (the surname is changed) who was placed in EPKT 22 April 2016 for a year for obscene abuse.

“Head EPKT Chichinin and his subordinates beat Ivanov in the yard of the institution. Ivanov did not agree to retain counsel. Then subordinates Chichinin put on his head a hat with earflaps tied up the laces under her chin and lowered his convicted head into the pit for waste water. Head EPKT repeated his demand and after that entered his anus with a rubber stick. After that, Ivanov was taken to the office operatives, where he wrapped the arms and legs with tape and beating continued; in particular, jailers, wearing Boxing gloves, took turns beating him on the head”, — the newspaper writes according to the materials of the criminal case.

The second time the convict was beaten by 1 July 2016 at the office of the chief of EPKT. The torture lasted for about five hours with breaks.

“When Chichinin re-introduced into his anus a rubber truncheon, prisoner agreed to sign a waiver of counsel,” says “the Media”.

The accused bribed with tea and sweets convict, that he incriminated himself and confessed to beating another inmate, already crippled by staff.

Criminal liability also were involved in three employees EPKT, zapytali to death of the convict. He died from a traumatic brain injury and brain edema.

“My current beat — Ibodova scored current. To death. Other Muslims, for example, fat in the mouth thrust. Plug-tape and beat up until it is the fat will not swallow”, — told investigators convict by the name Golenkov.

The defendants deny their guilt. They asked the court to grant their acquittal.

Placed in EPKT convicted of the willful violation of the mode and order in the colony.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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