Facebook stored passwords of millions of users of Instagram in unprotected form


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Tan Shung Sin / Reuters

Facebook once again found the Instagram user passwords stored on the company’s servers in an unencrypted form. The company announced in his blog, updating an old post in which the social network admitted his mistakes in dealing with data users.

“According to our estimates, affected millions of users of Instagram. We have found that these passwords were not used to harm their owners,” assured the social network. Facebook promised that will notify users about the incident.

For the first time about unsafe handling of company passwords that was known in March 2019, when Facebook admitted that employees had access to the stored plain text passwords since at least 2012, when Facebook acquired Instagram. In March, the representative of the social network said that we are talking about the data of tens of thousands of Instagram users and tens of millions of other Facebook users.

The company also admitted that “accidentally” gathered users ‘ passwords from e-mail. In Facebook assured that the received information was used only to improve the ads and recommendations for adding new friends.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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