Poroshenko spent on the campaign twice Zelensky


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The campaign headquarters of the incumbent President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko from 7 to 13 April spent on the campaigning is almost two times more than the headquarters of another candidate for the presidency — the leader of the race Vladimir Zelensky. This follows from the report of the National Agency on corruption prevention (NACP), reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

As noted, during this period the headquarters of Poroshenko spent on the election campaign “almost 97 million hryvnia,” while the headquarters Zelensky — 50,43 million. The costs of the incumbent are not in excess of the amount generated in the electoral Fund during the reporting period, — 99,9 million.

Costs Zelensky, on the contrary, exceeded the amount from which was formed the Foundation of 44.6 million. The cost overrun was provided with funds from the savings account and balances after the previous reporting periods.

Poroshenko financed the campaign from its own funds, while expenses Zelensky took the party nominated him as “servant of the people”. NACP also noted that both candidates spent money on the purposes foreseen by the law, violations were found.

Similar data on the expenses of candidates were provided by the Ukrainian public movement “Honestly”. Thus, taking into account the costs for the first round Poroshenko spent on the campaign, more than 500 million UAH (1.2 billion rubles), and Zelensky — 147 million (351,7 million).

Informed residents of Ukraine began to receive phone calls, answering to which the people listened to the voice recording Poroshenko with an appeal to vote for him in the second round. At the headquarters of the incumbent head of state explained that this course is designed for undecided voters, whose number reaches 20 percent. How should this information campaign, is still unknown.

The second round of presidential elections held on April 21. According to recent opinion polls, Zelensky going to support 73 percent of voters among those planning to vote and undecided. Poroshenko is supported by 27 percent.

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