The bride decided to marry a paralyzed lover in spite of everything


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A resident of China staged wedding photo shoot with paralyzed lover and preparing to marry him. Reported by the Daily Mail.

3 APR 32-year-old Zhang Juan from the Chinese province of Jiangsu had organized a photo session as a gift to Cao of Shuangshan. The man became disabled in 2015 from electric shock. Since then, the Chinese can’t speak. His whole body is paralyzed, he can only move their eyes. The incident took place a month before the couple were getting engaged.

Jun now devotes all his time taking care of 11-year-old daughter, 10-year-old son and a paralyzed father. “No matter what condition he’s in. I love him as a person — says the Chinese. — I will still marry him”. A woman every day gets up at 6:30, Shuangshuang prepares food, feeds him, washes leading to the bathroom, develops stagnant muscles and regularly turns it from side to side to do massage.

In addition, the woman raises the children and keeps order in the house and on the farm. “I rarely go to bed before midnight. As a rule, the clock for an hour or two at night, — said Juan. — It has become a habit”. Taking care of Chuanshan takes a lot of money, she says. Chinese borrows from parents and friends and already have about 700 million yuan (6.7 million rubles).

Juan still finds a way to make money. She has an online broadcast on popular Chinese platform Kuaishou. Her wedding photo shoot sponsored site users. They are going to pay for Juan and her lover the ceremony, which took place on 30 April.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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