The world’s smallest newborn baby boy came out in Japan


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nagano Children’s Hospital)

In Japan out of the world’s smallest boy, who after birth weighed only 258 grams. It is reported by the Japanese newspaper “Mainichi Shimbun”.

According to doctors, the child, Ryusuke, Sekino (Ryusuke Sekino) were born with abnormally thin blood vessels. Surgeons had to very carefully treat young patients. The boy’s mother, Sekino Toshiko (Toshiko Sekino) admitted that the baby looked so fragile that she was afraid to touch him.

“I’m so happy. Thanks to the efforts of doctors he keeps getting better,” says Toshiko. Five-month-old, Ryusuke is in the hospital under the care of doctors and preparing for discharge. His weight had reached 3.4 pounds.

The Japanese became the world record holder. There are only 23 cases, when a child weighing less than 300 grams could be saved. Only four of them survived the boys. The little girl born in 2015 in Germany and weighed 252 grams.

In late February it was reported that in Japan from the hospital discharged the baby that after birth, weighed in at 268 grams. The boy was born after an emergency caesarean section at 24 weeks gestation (normal term of 38 weeks). More than six months later he was discharged from the hospital perfectly healthy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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