WhatsApp turned out to be a hotbed of neo-Nazism


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Users of WhatsApp messenger in Germany with far-right beliefs use stickers with a Nazi salute and message-sending. As reported by BuzzFeed News, despite a legislative ban on the use of Nazi symbols in Germany, the messenger is idle.

From October 2018 the edition examined nine groups in WhatsApp, where participants used stickers glorifying the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, and anti-Semitic stickers. Community members sent each other tens of thousands of messages containing such characters.

Gives the names of the individual groups: “German storm” and “an international ku Klux Klan”. They are attended by from 90 to 250 people. To join them, you need to get an invitation link. After going through it, any user could participate in the conversation with the others.

The representative said WhatsApp BuzzFeed News that anti-Semitic stickers unacceptable. “We will not tolerate this on WhatsApp. We strongly condemn this manifestation of hatred. If the user receives a sticker with illegal content, we kindly ask to inform us about it,” he said.

The publication claims that attracted more than 200 stickers, which are used by neo-Nazis. They not only used the swastika, but also symbols and emblems paramilitary forces of the Third Reich — the SS. Lawyer Christian Solace (Christian Solmecke) stressed that the German laws are not always users of such chat rooms you can punish the use of Nazi symbols. Precedents exist, but to establish illegal actions of the law breaker has to share illegal content once with a very large group of users, the expert concluded.

In connection with the increased flow of migrants to Europe starting in 2015 in Germany has intensified the neo-Nazis. The immigration crisis has triggered a wave of demonstrations in various European cities.

In the framework of the fight against xenophobia in social networks Facebook and Twitter administration agreed within 24 hours to remove appearing on their platforms messages with insults and threats against migrants.

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